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Rule Updates for Rochester and Northampton

You may weld the seam on each frame rail (top or bottom) from the front of crush box forward or from front body mount at firewall forward on cars not equipped DO NOT weld on crush box!

~On Y-frame Mopars you may collapse "Y" and weld seam, use one bolt at each or both. DO NOT add any metal!

~Rochester/ Northampton: you may weld any seam from the FRONT of the core support forward, including bumper. DO NOT add any metal! bumpers must have factory holes for inspection. No bumpers fully sealed.

~2003 and up Fords must have factory aluminum cradle!

~Rear ends may be chained

~ You may use two 1" all-thread rods, max 5/16" chain or #9 wire twisted through core support and hood to TOP of frame rail.

~REMINDER: Distributor protectors are permitted however they must be 1" away from any contact with firewall! We will be using a 1" block during inspection, if it doesn't fit you don't run. Dash bars are for driver safety only and must be minimum of 6" from distributor protector. this will be measured.

~drivers door seam may be welded solid. All rockers may me wired to doors for safety. May not go around frame.

~ All body mounts may be removed. Maximum 3/4" bolt

~For safety purposes you will be required a minimum of a drivers pillar bar. We DO encourage cages/ roof bars. All points of cage may not be used as reinforcement and may only contact body.

~ Fuel tank protectors are permitted. May not be used as reinforcement in any way.

~Hump plates are to be 14" MAXIMUM in length and 1/4" maximum thickness material. The can go the height or width of the frame and only to one side of each frame rail ( inside, outside, top or bottom) This will be measured.

~All participants will have only TWO tries to get car inspected. If your car does not pass tech inspection on the second try you will be loaded.

Posted: to General News on Tue, Mar 26, 2019
Updated: Sun, Aug 18, 2019