Race Rules


  • Creasing or prebending of body permitted, must be behind rear axle to allow body to bend upward. Bumper height rule applies.
  • Any tire permitted. If running implement or tractor style tire you must have a mudflap behind tires on rear wheel drive cars. MUDFLAP MUST COVER REAR OF TIRE TO GROUND. In the event the mudflap is compromised and you propel dirt and stones into spectator area you will be shut down. Double tires permitted. No split rims or studded tires.
  • No welding of the bumper, front or back to any part of the body. Bumpers may be welded to frame. On unibody cars with plastic facias you may weld a 1/4inch 3x3 plate top and bottom to help hold bumper.
  • No excessive welding on frame. Excessive welding will be determined by officials. Any year or make of a factory production passenger car bumper will be allowed front or rear. No home made bumpers! No loaded bumpers!
  • Bumper shocks must remain factory to make of vehicle. You may collapse and pin/weld shocks or just remove them. Bumpers may not protrude beyond sides of car. Bumper ends must not be cut.If you cut it down it must be folded over. NO SHARP EDGES.
  • Any modifications to body or frame not mentioned in the rules will NOT be allowed at all.
  • Distributor protectors may only extend 1 inch around distributor and may only be attached to engine and top of bell housing. Distributor protectors must not be in contact with firewall. You may cut out behind distributor but must cover hole with sheet metal.

We've listed our rules and regulations for easy access below.