Mini Van Rules

The mini van heat is open to men and women who are 18 years of age or older, under 18 years of age you must have a consent from both parents or guardians. In the interest of fairness to all contestants the following rules and regulations shall prevail.

1.Vans shall be mini vans, no full size vans and no full frame or flat nose vans.

2. Driver and pit persons must sign waiver and release of liability prior to entering pit area or arena.

3. Drivers must attend drivers meeting prior to race.

Participant regulations: in addition to demo derby rules

This is a stand-alone event. Drivers have one minute to hit another active van. No sandbagging and NO team driving. NO intentional driver door hits.

All glass, chrome, pot metal, lights, carpet, seats and headliner must be removed before reaching the exhibit area. Windsheild optional.

Slogans or advertising may be put anywhere but on the drivers door. Numbers to be placed on both sides and roof.

Radiators and fans may be removed but not relocated.

Batteries must be placed in a secure position. They must not move when shaken and must be covered with something non-flammable.

Gas tanks should be relocated to passenger are behind seat. Must be covered with non flammable material. If tank is in front of rear axle it may be left in place, if it leaks at any time during the event the vehicle will be removed from the ring.

Any automotive bumper may be used front and rear.. You may also fabricate your own bumper using a max 4X6 inch 1/4 inch wall square or round stock. Ends must be capped with no sharp edges. May not be any wider than van, if using automotive bumper that is cut at ends, ends must be rolled in no sharp edges. Bumpers may not be welded to any part of body only to frame, vans with plastic style facias may us two 1/4 inch 3x3 plates on top and bottom of each side to help secure bumper. No truck bumpers allowed.

Doors may be welded solid. Back van door weld 1 inch leave 6 inches or wire or bolt.

Cages can go to the middle of the vans side door. Cannot be hooked to the frame. A total of 3 bars going across allowed. One in dash area, one behind seat and one in the middle of the side door. Halo bar is acceptable. Two kickers may be installed but must not be any farther back than 24 inches from edge of front doors.

Aftermarket shifters allowed.

If windsheild removed must have at least one bar attached to middle of the windshield area to prevent hood from coming in. This may be welded on.

Hoods must be wired, chained shut, or if bolts are used you may use a maximum of 6 (six) 3/8 with washers no bigger than 6 inches outside diameter. Front bumper may be chained or wired to hood.

Any tire permissable. NO water in tires, NO tires screwed to rims, Tire inside of tire acceptable.

NO extra weight, NO trailer hitches, NO special lifts, blocks, shackles. Airlifts and air shocks must be deflated.

Safety belt and DOT approved helmet required. Long pants and shirt mandatory.

Do not do anything other than what is stated in these rules. No pit persons allowed in the arena. NO alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed. If any changes are made after inspection to make your van illegal you will be disqualified. And there will be no refund of entry fee. Judges decision is final, Vans can be re-inspected at anytime. Any questions call Dan Galvis at 413-522-3185 or Pat Chiapputi at 413-222-7014.