Pro Modified Compact Rules


Vehicle wheelbase: 106" rear-wheel drive/113" front-wheel drive/109" rear-wheel drive sub-frame only!


- All glass; including windshield, side & rear windows, head & taillights must be removed. Rolling down windows is not permitted. Sunroofs must be covered with sheet metal and properly secured.

- All exterior chrome mouldings, hubcaps, emblems, wiper arms, plastic grilles, outside door handles, urethane or plastic bumper covers, and plastic, fiberglass, or urethane header panels must be removed before entering venue.

- All carpeting, interior mouldings, rear seats, headliners, inner door panels, and all other flammable material must be removed before entering venue.

- Dash boards are optional. Vehicle must be swept free of all debris.


- Any battery, any size permitted. Maximum 2 batteries. Must be securely mounted and covered. Push button & switches are permitted. No loose wiring. Electric fuel pump switch must be clearly marked.

- Original fuel tank must be removed and replaced with a marine type steel tank or fuel cell and securely mounted and covered. No plastic tanks permitted. Approx. 5 Gallons of fuel per heat. All fuel lines must be securely clamped & leak-proof. Any car leaking fuel will result in disqualification. Electric fuel pumps are permitted.

- Doors must be fastened shut by wire, chain, banding, or welding. Any door that comes open will result in disqualification. It is highly recommdended the driver’s door be reinforced and padded. If you are planning on welding drivers door be sure you are able to exit vehicle quickly in case of fire. If welding, maximum 3” wide strapping. All exterior door seams may be welded. Rust holes may be patched with no thicker than 16 gauge sheet metal. You must prove your rust. Rips and tears in body panels may be repaired at a minimum. Example: rear strut tower rusted and torn from body may be welded and patched at a minimum. Send pics if necessary. Officials decision is final!

- It is recommended for your safety that a 4-point safety cage be placed in the driver’s compartment. Bars not to exceed 4” in size. 1 Bar across dash and 1 bar behind rear seat. 2 Ajoining bars, perpendicular to dash and seat bar, to attach them together. End plates must not exceed 12” square. Bars must be securely welded. 4 Downleg bars may go straight down from dash bar & rear seat bar to floor only. Must not attach to frame in any way. No kickers. At minimum, rear seat bar is mandatory.

- Rollover bar is permitted for your safety. Must tie into rear seat bar only and be straight up & down above driver.

- 2 Locations of safety must be placed in driver’s windshield (wire, chain, steel) 1 rear window bar is permitted. May not protrude through decklid. May not attach to floor. Sheet metal to sheet metal only. No additional bars added to cage (unless noted). All cage/bar material must be structural and securely welded for your safety. Rear bar & front bar may connect to rollover bar.

- Gas tank protectors are permitted. May only attach to rear seat bar. No kickers off protector. Cannot be welded or bolted to rear packing shelf in any way. Back of protector can be no taller or wider than 24”

- Wheelwells may be trimmed, rolled, or folded for clearance.

- It is highly recommdended you use a 24” x 24” roof sign displaying your number clearly.

- Hood must be fastened shut with wire, chain or banding. Maximum 6 locations only. 2 Locations may use bolts (all-tread) thru core support. 1” max. Size bolts. Sheet metal to sheet metal for balance of locations. It is permitted to run wire/chain/banding from bumper to core support in 3 locations.

- Decklid or tailgate seams may be welded solid. Maximum 3” wide strapping.

- Inspection holes are required in hood and decklid. Minimum 12”


- Frames cannot be reinforced or strengthened in anyway whatsoever!! Frames will be checked throroughly. Officials decision is final!! Pre-ran frames may be repaired at a minimum. Repairs are only permitted where needed. Notching frames are permitted.

- Trailer hitches must be removed. No special aftermarket bumpers.

- Solid suspension is permitted. Body bolts may be changed and solid mounted. 5/8” Bolts and 3” washers maximum. No adding body mounts.

- Any year bumper permitted. Bumpers may be loaded and seam welded but must have stock appearance. Bumpers may be hardnosed. Bumper shocks may be welded. You may use no more than 10 inches of frame to mount bumper. Bumper may be chained to frame with single loop of chain. Bumpers may not stick out past width of fenders.

- 18” maximum bumper height front/18” maximum bumper height in rear.

- No leaf conversions permitted. Factory leaf cars must retain the factory leaf pack only. Leafs must be stair-stepped 2” minimum. No adding clamps. No solid shackles. Coil springs may be welded or wired in place. Struts/shocks may be homemade. Must be stock appearing and stock size dimensions. Tierods may be reinforced.

- It is permitted to weld a 2” plate from bottom of a-arm to frame to raise front suspension. Must not strengthen frame in anyway.

- Hump plates permitted. May have two rear hump plates 3/16 inch max thick, 18 inches long , must be in rear humps must follow curve of frame( NO HUMP PLATES ON CONVERSIONS) Rearend may be chained to humps.

- You may shim up your core support maximum 2”x 2”-4” tall. Firewall forward-frame & body seam welding permitted. Pre-ran cars may use no more than 4 fix-a-plates. Maximum size 4” x 4”. Plates cannot overlap or touch. May only be used on damaged areas.

- Rust holes may be patched with no thicker than 16 gauge sheet metal. You must prove your rust. Rips and tears in body panels may be repaired at a minimum. Example: rear strut tower rusted and torn from body may be welded and patched at a minimum. Send pics if necessary. Officials decision is final!


- Any stock motor/trans combination is permittred. 4 Or 6 cylinder only. No V-8’s.

- Motor and transmission mounts may be chained or welded so long as it does not strengthen frame in any way. You may use one plate per side to hold engine cradle to frame of car. May not be wider than 3”. Hand throttle permitted. Shifting linkage may be altered. Air cleaner manditory. No ether. Transmission coolers are permitted and must be placed behind driver’s seat. All lines must be securely clamped and leak- proof. Burp tube is recommended on transmission dipstick tube to re-route overflow and prevent fire.


- Maximum 16” tires. No liquid in tires. Tires may be foam filled. Tubes permitted. No screws in tires. No studded tires. Wheel weights must be removed. No split rims. Valve stem protectors permitted. Solid rims permitted.

- Radiators must remain in stock location. Steel clutch fans must be covered.


- Only driver and 1 crew member permitted during inspection. All vehicles subject to post feature inspection.

- Dot or snell approved helmets manditory. Eye protection manditory.

- Long sleeves, pants, and gloves are manditory. A 2.5lb fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within driver’s reach.

- Officials decisions are final!! Any door that comes open will result in disqualification. Any vehicle leaking fuel will result in vehicle shut down and removed from track. 60-Second time limit on all hits. Hits must be aggressive. Not making aggressive contact is considered sandbagging. Sandbagging will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification. All cars must have dependable brakes.

- All drivers must attend driver’s meeting.


- You must have a strong suspicion of what you are protesting.

- Our inspections are thorough. Protest may come from fellow competing driver in top 5 only in protested class.

$500 Cash protest fee. Skyfire productions paid $250 regardless. If protested car is found illegal, based on pre-set rules, protester will receive $250. If protested car is found to be legal within pre-set rules, that driver will receive $250. Any refusal for protest is admitted guilt and will be denied all winnings.