Stock V8 Rules

Stock V8 class rules

This class is open to any front or rear wheel drive V8 that meets the following rules: NO EXCEPTIONS

Safety Belt and DOT approved helmet required

1. No Imperials, suicides, ambulances, hearses checker cabs, trucks or truck frames.

2. All glass,windshield optional, chrome strips door handles lights, ouside mirrors, and any other trim must be removed prior to entering fairgrounds. On station wagons, all rear seats and deck lids must be removed. Vehicle must be swept or vacuumed clean.

3. No welding on doors hood or trunk. Chain or #9 wire may be used.

4. Hood and trunk may be secured in four places max. A 15 by 15 inch hole must be cut in hood and trunk lid unless we can see inside thru backseat.

5. Battery must be moved to passenger side area, firmly secured and covered with a non conductive material.

6. Gas tank must be moved to rear seat area secured and covered with a non flammable material. fuel lines may be metal or rubber, no plastic lines. Fuel lines running inside of car must be sheilded or run thru heater hose or pex pipe.

7. DOT tires only 4ply max. no double tires, no screws, no implement tires. Studs and wheel weights must be removed.

8. Any OEM car bumper may be used. You may use factory size replacement bolts and weld to stock mounting location only. no adding metal permitted. No bumper shocks may be added to cars not originally equipped with them. Cars equipped with bumper shocks may collapse and pin or weld them.

9. Aftermarket headers and shifters are permitted.

10. No aftermarket steering columns.

11. No suspension modifications or reinforcements othe than door safety bar which may extend no further than 4 inches beyond both door breaks. padding on drivers door highly reccommended.

12. If running safety bar behind seat from pillar to pillar it must be collapsable, pipe inside of pipe. Other option is to run safety bar from drivers pillar to passenger rocker.

13. Drivers door should orange circle painted on it or outlined in orange or entire door may be orange. refer to drivers door hits in news section