• Any front-wheel drive vehicle permitted. Any 4-wheel drive allowed, must be front wheel drive conversion.

• All glass must be removed, windshield removal is optional.

• Battery may be relocated to inside car.

• Vehicle must be cut in front of rear-wheels. Rea axle can be leaf springs, pan, skis, ect. No wheels, tires or rollers of any type may be used for rear “axle”. Rear axle to be set at any location behind driver’s compartment.

• Doors may be welded shut, Doors may be fastened with wire or chain. Any door coming open during race will result in disqualification.

• Fuel tank must be relocated inside vehicle and covered with flame resistant material.

• There must be a cage behind driver consisting of halo bar with X brace. Door bars and dash bars are allowed but not required.

• Fire Suit is recommended, but not required. Seat Belts mandatory. 5-Point harness recommended. Long pants and shirts required, no open toed shoes

• Any tire and wheel combination permitted.

• Any automotive style bumper allowed, Must be no wider than front fenders, if using fabricated bumper it must be flat across, no point, No sharp edges or protrusions on any part of car.